Drug statistics

The statistics page shows several graphs for FDA-approved drugs and agents in clinical trials including:

  • Class targets
  • Receptor family targets
  • Receptor targets
  • Drug molecule types
  • Mode of action
  • Disease indications
  • Phase distribution of clinical trial agents
  • Approval ovcer time

Drug target mapping

Established targets have approved drugs as defined in the Drugs@FDA database, and targets of agents in clinical trials were collected from manual annotation of CenterWatch’s Drugs in Clinical Trials database, OpenTargets, Drugbank, Pharos and company press releases. Established (red) and phase I–III (green) targets across the G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) classes, ligand types and receptor families (from the centre to the outer ring) are shown.

The sizes of the circles represent the number of agents. For receptor families, two concentric circles are superimposed: a red circle indicating the number of approved agents (that is, which have an established target in that family) and a green circle indicating the number of agents in trials for the targets in that family. The area over which the two circles overlap is shown in brown. For example:

  • for adrenoceptors, there are 117 approved agents and 41 agents in trials, and so the red circle is larger
  • for chemokine receptors, there are 2 approved agents and 37 agents in trials and so the green circle is larger

At the family level, agents that modulate multiple receptors in the family are only counted once to determine the circle size. For individual receptors (but not families), different shades of green are used for each trial phase.

GPCRs are listed using the protein name (EntryName removed species tag) in UniProt.

Drug browser

The structure table shows the complete annotated list of DRUG-GPCR pairs. The table can be sorted by each column by clicking on the header. The search fields below each header can be used to filter the structures.

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