Building a local database from source dataΒΆ

  • If you have not completed the local installation of GPCRdb, please do so before continuing.

  • Open up a terminal and clone the gpcrdb_data repository from GitHub:

    cd ~/protwis_vagrant
    git clone shared/data/protwis/gpcr
  • Log into the vagrant VM:

    vagrant ssh
    cd /protwis/sites/protwis
  • Clean the current database schema (password: protwis):

    psql -U protwis -h localhost -d protwis -c 'drop schema public cascade; create schema public;'
  • Run migrations:

    /env/bin/python3 migrate
  • Start the build process:

    /env/bin/python3 build_all -p 4 -t

This will build a test version of the database using only the proteins for which a structure has been determined. For a full build, remove the -t flag from the build_all command (NOTE: a full build takes a long time, and should not be run on the development virtual machine)