About GPCRdb

GPCRdb offers reference data and easy-to-use web tools and diagrams for a multidisciplinary audience investigating GPCR function, drug design or evolution. It stores a manual annotation of all GPCR crystal structures, the largest collections of receptor mutants and reference sequence alignments. The tools run directly in the web browser allowing for swift analysis of structures, sequence similarities, receptor relationships, and ligand target profiles. Diagrams illustrate receptor sequences (snake-plot and helix box diagrams) and relationships (phylogenetic trees). A visual overview can be seen in the GPCRdb poster.

Background and development

The GPCR database, GPCRdb was started in 1993 by Gert Vriend, Ad IJzerman, Bob Bywater and Friedrich Rippmann. Over two decades, GPCRdb evolved to be a comprehensive information system storing and analysing data. In 2013, the stewardship of GPCRdb was transferred to the David Gloriam group at the University of Copenhagen, backed up by an international team of contributors and developers from the EU COST Action ‘GLISTEN’.