Coding style

We (mostly) follow the style guide from the the Django project. Unless otherwise specified, follow this guide. Please read this guide, use it, and feel free to point out if existing code does not comply with the style guide.


  • Max line length is 119 characters

  • Indentation is 4 spaces:

    for protein in proteins:
  • Comments start with a # and a single space:

    # this is a comment
  • Docstrings use “””:

    """This is a docstring"""
  • Use lower case letters and underscores for variable and function names, upper case letters and underscores for constants, and InitialCaps for class names:

    this_is_a_variable = True
    def this_is_a_function():
    class ThisIsAClass:
  • Class definitions are followed by 2 blank lines:

    class ThisIsAClass:
    class ...
  • Import statements are grouped in three categories(django, project, and other), separated by one blank line, and followed by 2 blank lines:

    from django.conf import settings
    from protein.models import Protein
    import yaml
    class ...

Keep your code clean

Before committing, review the changes you have made (using git diff or a GUI like SourceTree) and make sure the code you are committing is working, and relevant. Never commit lines of code that are commented out (comments are for, well, comments), or print statements that you used for debugging.